about let them be little clothing

Our little ones remind us every day of lessons we've somehow forgotten over the years. Be curious. Slow down. Explore. Be kind. Make time for the people that matter. In a society that tells us we need more, more, more, we found ourselves wanting less. Less stuff. Less busy. More white space. More time for the people that matter.

Here began our journey back to simplicity. Kim John Payne said, "By simplifying clothes you ease transitions. You offer freedom from choice and overload while still allowing for the slow and sure development of personal expression." With that in mind, we created a kid's clothing line full of pieces that are cozy enough for nap time, durable for play time, and reversible because life gets messy.

Let Them Be Little clothing was created. A small batch of few, key pieces in timeless colors that let kids get on with the business of being kids. The precious days of childhood pass by far too quickly.
Let’s all take a moment to let them be little.